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Catalina Design Group
2647 Gateway Road
Suite 105-465
Carlsbad CA, 92009

Stacey McLoughlin
(760) 476-3600 x115

Jim McLoughlin
(760) 476-3600 x102

Operations Manager
Jessica Torpey
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Stacey Mcloughlin


1. How do you keep your staff motivated?
I keep my staff motivated by always listening to their point of view, and treating them fairly with respect and trust. I have always had an open door policy so people can come talk to me whenever they need to. Also I like to have our office be a fun environment since we are a creative team.

2. What are 3 traits that define you professionally?
Confidence (with myself and my team), positive attitude, and I am highly organized.

3. What is the most important aspect of interior design?
Balance of scale, color, and having a “Wow!” factor.

4. What is your secret to your business/professional success?
The secret to my business/professional success has been the relationship with our clients. It is so important to not only keep our clients happy, but to listen to what they want.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I enjoy being with my family (husband and two kids, Ellie and James). I also enjoy working out because it clears my mind, releases stress, and is so positive in so many ways.