When your prospective buyers have children, it’s important to design a child’s room that captures their imagination. Remember, this is the house that their kids will grow up in. Your model home design should capture that sentiment and make parents feel like they found their home.

The design has to be age-appropriate, whether he/she is a toddler for whom play is vital for physical and mental development, or a teenager who considers study space to be just as important as privacy. Of course, the available space and how the design matches the overall design of the house are also major factors. Demographic research regarding the typical homebuyer in your price range and location will clue you in on which age to target.

Updated design trends like fun lighting and memorable wall treatments can go a far way in transforming a space into the perfect child’s room. Take a look at these trends for kids’ rooms for your model home:

First Time Buyer Design Trends:

The kids’ room in the first time home is usually small which means that there are few design options due to space limitations. The easiest option is to keep all the furniture against the walls so that the room appears larger. However, you could also add built-in storage and drawers that fit neatly under the bed for clothes, toys and games. In addition to keeping the room organized, this design trick frees up the limited space for play and other activities. For older kids, built-in shelves or desk units serve as a multifunction storage area for books and games and can also double as a study/entertainment zone.

model design for kids room

Move Up Buyer Design Trends:

By the time of moving into the second home, the kids’ room is likely larger and there is the opportunity to get much more creative with its design. You may opt to keep the built-in bed and shelves, but more space allows you to be adventurous with a theme of you or your child’s choosing. Whether you use a theme from their favorite movie or video game, or go for a more personal artistic expression, fun wall treatments, vinyl decals and accent paint will usually get the job done. Good lighting is necessary for studying and play time but it doesn’t have to be from boring LED bulbs. Jazz up the room with chic bedside lamps or wall mounted accent lights.

Luxury Buyer Design Trends:

The latest trends in luxury home design point to styles that seamlessly separate a child’s sleeping area from the play/study zone. Distinctive lighting from an impressive chandelier or trendy wall accents may be the highlight of this room, complemented by funky seating, geometrically designed furniture and plenty of storage space. Furniture, wall treatments and seating are designed to be easily modified to adapt to the child’s growing needs.

A Chance to Get Creative

Neutral colors, modifiable furniture and space to expand are factors that developers of single family home should consider in the design of kids’ rooms.

“Kids’ rooms pose some unique challenges, but they are also a great opportunity to be creative and have fun,” says design blog Modernize.com.

In the decision-making process, homebuyers who have kids or are planning to start a family will place a lot of the weight on how much the home’s design can be adapted to accommodate the needs of the entire family, including the children. A well-designed kids’ room is an added bonus for both the developer and the prospective home buyer.