One of the trendiest amenities drawing tenants to multifamily housing developments is a fully equipped, state of the art fitness center. Not just a place for exercising, the on-site fitness center is a convenient facility that readily caters to the health and fitness craze among many of today’s tenants. It’s an integral part of their daily wellness routine as well as the ideal spot to socialize with other tenants.

With this in mind, smart developers are choosing to include a fitness center featuring some of the latest trends such as a virtual trainer, yoga and spin studio, and even advanced training like TRX machines.

Customized workout with a virtual trainer

When it comes to fitness, tenants have a lot to choose from these days. That’s why they expect everything to be customized to their needs and that includes their exercise routine. With advanced technology including fitness apps and prerecorded classes , these modern fitness centers are able to provide access to personalized virtual training to assist residents with keeping track of their fitness goals.

Virtual classes with technology such as Fitness on Demand give residents a flexible and customizable option to participate in the classes they want when they want them. Residents have access to any class they want to take when they want to take it.

Avalon Irvine 3 - Avalon Bay Communities - Irvine, CA

Avalon Irvine 3 – Avalon Bay Communities – Irvine, CA

Yoga/Spin Studios for mind and body

Real exercise buffs know that two things can make the fitness center the magnet of the building – the blissful serenity at the yoga studio and the intense calorie smashing workout in the spin studio. Widely considered to be on the top tier in the art of wellness, many people won’t even consider a fitness center without the presence of yoga for that powerful mind-body meditation and stretching techniques that help bring the body into balance. The spin studio is also quite popular for its low impact, high activity workout that quickly sheds hundreds of calories in one 45-minute session. That is probably why indoor cycling, a decades-old exercise craze, has made its way back into the modern fitness studio.

Embrace trends and include TRX equipment

If you’re going to have a fitness center at all, then TRX equipment should be part of the mix. According to, “Once upon a time, one or two good multi-exercise machines and mirrored wall were sufficient. Today many communities are now filling their fitness centers with health club-quality equipment and amenities.”

Avalon Irvine 2 - Avalon Bay Communities - Irvine, CA

Avalon Irvine 2 – Avalon Bay Communities – Irvine, CA

Tenants won’t be expecting less than a total body workout just because the fitness center is on site. TRX is the ultimate exercise equipment for a comprehensive, full body workout with strength and resistance training, and also helps to strengthen the core.

Help tenants meet their fitness goals

An on-site fitness center in the multi-family development is all about making it more convenient for the tenant to reach his/her fitness goals. This means developing a state of the art design that fully incorporates the fitness needs of the tenants. With the trends outlined, developers can provide a good blend of the latest exercise equipment and advanced technology that tenants can customize to meet their individual wellness targets.