As developers compete to attract more tenants, there are some deluxe amenities that are truly capturing tenants in new multi-family developments. One of these amenities is the clubhouse, a space built exclusively for the purpose of leisure and entertainment.

Prospective renters that appreciate luxury barely bat an eye at paying extra for an apartment unit that has ready access to a wide range of entertainment options on site. The new trend is for high-end multi-family apartments and condos to feature clubhouses that come fully equipped with sports and gaming equipment, state-of-the-art electronics, and posh seating groupings. Even the walls and flooring are tastefully decorated with bold colors to brighten the room and create an atmosphere for good, clean fun.

Something for Everyone

When living in a luxury development, a night in is hardly a quiet evening flipping away at the TV remote. The entertainment choices available at these clubhouses are so wide-ranging and captivating that they are enough to provide several hours of entertainment. Built for enjoyment, the room boasts a grand TV area for movies or sports, multiple seating areas with Wi-Fi access, as well as plug-ins for the latest electronics and gadgets. A separate gaming area may include pool tables, shuffleboard tables, videos games or even nostalgic, old style gaming such as Pac-Man.

As interior design trends follow on the heels of the fashion industry, luxurious, oversized furniture is the preferred choice for clubhouse seating. They are often more comfortable and certainly suited for several hours of gaming or a leisurely chat over wine and cheese.

Anton La Moraga- St. Anton Partners- San Jose, CA

Anton La Moraga – St. Anton Partners – San Jose, CA

“The trend is to go a little bit oversized and comfortable, especially in clubrooms, because you want them to be welcoming so people spend time there,” designer Brittany Biddle tells Multifamily Executive.

The finishing choices are also important; metals like silver, gold, rose gold and copper are definitely making a comeback. In addition, buyers are showing a preference for masculine interiors featuring bold black, navy and other deep hues. For lighting, pendant lights are strategically installed to define spaces and set the ambiance. To top it off, the design may include a classy statement piece to bring focus to the center of the room.

Of course, the ultimate clubhouse has its own small kitchen to prepare meals and snacks. Typically, there are no upper cabinets, but a full splash and shelving can add a dramatic effect.

Embrace the Concept of ‘Green Living’

For many tenants, emphasis on “Green Living” is an important consideration for their future home. Right off the bat, tenants notice how the building interacts with the natural environment and the eco-friendly features that will help them save money and live comfortably. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) projects are hot in the market. Developers should keep this in mind when designing multi-family homes.

According to design director Shana Jacobs, “Every builder and designer wants to provide the nicest space possible. It is the first impression when someone comes in to lease,” she tells Multifamily Executive.

That first impression with the tenant, could make or break the deal. However, a prudent developer will consider, amongst other things, the clubhouse’s location to strategically utilize all the available green space. Incorporating design tricks that allow the flow of natural light and using Nana or bi-fold doors can create an indoor-outdoor effect in the clubhouse and increase the building’s value in the eyes of the tenant.

Avalon Glendora- Avalon Bay Communities- Glendora, CA

Avalon Glendora – Avalon Bay Communities – Glendora- CA

Tenants Love Clubhouses

Clubhouses are one of the most popular amenities for tenants because it is a great place to host friends or parties that may not fit within the tenant’s smaller apartment. The space acts as an extension of their living area and provides room for a variety of activities and gatherings. If developers keep these design tips in mind, the clubhouse is sure to be an amenity that will attract the ideal tenant and make them eager to sign a lease.