If there is ever a time when first impressions count, it’s that moment when a prospective resident steps inside the model unit. Each detail matters and the use of design elements can be a significant influencer in the decision-making process.

When a prospective tenant walks into view a model unit, they are thinking about how easy it will be to adapt to this space and make it their own. With a little forethought in the design and development stages, smart developers can take advantage of this key moment in the buying process by implementing the latest trends into the model unit design.

Here are some creative multi-family design trends for the model unit that can sway the tenant’s decision.

Combine Tech and Design

Millennials, especially, want to know if their home is compatible with the Internet of Things, that is that it connects seamlessly with all their electronic gadgets. Make sure your unit’s interior design showcases all the modern amenities that today’s tenants want. These may include convenient extras such as keyless entries and state of the art integrations such as Nest thermostats that regulate the home’s temperature. They also want features like docking stations to charge and sync their electronic devices. Electrical outlets with USB slots are also rising in demand.

Though the presence of technology should be obvious, a smart design ensures that technology merges with the surrounding decor. Sleek gadgets blend with the furniture and interior walls for a trendy look that can be easily replicated by the tenant.

Anton 1101 - St. Anton Partners - Sunnyvale, CA

Anton 1101 – St. Anton Partners – Sunnyvale, CA

Step Up the Look with Quartz Countertops

If you really want to be in on the hottest design trends, then you definitely need to incorporate Quartz Stone countertops in the kitchen. Not only are quartz countertops in style, they are also very durable and scratch resistant with an attractive finish to complement the kitchen’s design.

Add contrast with a neutral backsplash, using texture to tastefully add interest to the kitchen. Two tone finishes on the cabinets also make a strong statement. This can be achieved by using different shades for the upper and lower cabinet colors or choosing a different finish for the island.

Floor Them with Trendy Finishes

The flooring is also a point of interest that prospective home buyers pay attention to in the model unit. To make the floors appealing, cover it with vinyl planks for an attractive yet inexpensive finish. Exposed concrete floors are also trendy and very easy to maintain. Whichever design you choose for the flooring, using this style throughout all the units will be more cost effective and gives the prospective tenant a clear idea of how this floor design will look in their own unit.

For some tenants, the presence of extra storage space can be a big plus. Placed inside at the entry of the unit, a handy storage rack shows how the space can be utilized to store bikes, toys, sports equipment, or household items for daily use. This is especially important for the urban tenant.

A Dream Home Preview

The design of the model unit plays a significant role in influencing a prospective tenant’s decision to sign a lease. The space is a representation of their future home and needs to be well designed to strike an immediate chord with tenants to make them want to move in right away.

Done right, the marriage of modern technology and traditional design is remarkably smooth, and the unit seamlessly incorporates trendy design elements that will appeal to the multi-family market. Designing a beautiful model unit is a sure way to fill every vacancy.

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