For many successful young professionals at the height of their careers, days will not be defined by the four walls of a cramped office. They yearn for a more unconventional experience that gives them freedom to explore, create and grow at their own pace and on their own terms. It is for this young professional that the convenience of a conference room in their luxury apartment or condo is an amenity too attractive to be ignored.

With all the modern trappings of a corporate business center, the apartment/condo conference room is ideal for the tenant who has a stay-at-home job or simply works from home on occasion. Features may include state-of-the-art office furniture and equipment, along with high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi and video conferencing services. Conference rooms are often in addition to office cubicles and/or private offices, another popular multi-family amenity. Having access to such a facility is not only convenient, but it beats trying to conduct business meetings in a noisy café or inviting clients into the privacy of your apartment.

Design A User-Friendly Space

Developers who wish to venture into this space should take note of the aesthetics of the conference room as this will make all the difference in how tenants utilize it. In other words, don’t fall short on design. These conference rooms are also used for study groups, homework, and depending on the development, have complimentary coffee. These rooms feel similar to that of Starbucks – well styled and designed to promote conversation and discussion.

In addition to furniture and equipment, soundproofing, lighting and even wall coloring are all factors that can influence the appeal of this amenity. Location wise, it should be in an area of the complex that is free of distractions, complemented by a layout that is conducive to work but also gives a level of comfort for those using it.

The Crossing- Sares Regis Group- Anaheim, CA

The Crossing – Sares Regis Group – Anaheim, CA

Convenience and Comfort Too Sweet to Refuse

Aside from avoiding the hassle of rush hour traffic, the lure of a comfy conference room is definitely a sweet appeal for the stay-at-home tenant. It allows the user the benefits of an office environment without having to shell out extra money to access the space. With this perk, the tenant has the freedom to host conferences, conduct a business meeting, or simply handle administrative duties away from the distractions of the typical office or even a home office. Best of all, the money saved from avoiding daily commutes, rent/lease fees and utilities are key to the decision-making process. This is especially true for the entrepreneurial tenant for whom having a place to churn ideas, host meetings or small social gatherings is a deal too sweet to refuse.

With this in mind, the ideal functionality of the conference room combines the right amount of aesthetics with access to the latest communication technologies and a layout that allows for private workspaces or meetings. The room should include plenty of seating, and ample room to move about and collaborate when necessary. Simply put, it should be easy for users to share thoughts, but also work in solace if they need to. When the design elements and functionality combine, there is no reason this amenity is not a win-win for all.