We can’t talk about multi-family amenities without touching on the growing trend of swanky rooftop spaces in urban areas. Rooftop spaces are quickly becoming a big deal in upper middle-income households and according to BDC Network; this amenity is now a must-have in mid and high-rise buildings. Of all the amenity trends we have featured so far, this one is likely the most appealing for young professionals.

The design of the rooftop deck can range from a tropical themed paradise with a pool and cabanas, to spectacular gardens for enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. By far the biggest draw, however, is the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape from this sky-high social space.

If You Build It, They Will Come!

A rooftop deck is a smart way to utilize the rooftop space, but more importantly it presents the opportunity to use this feature as a bonus selling point to prospective tenants with a taste for high-end amenities.

“In high-density projects with multilevel parking structures, rooftop decks or other public areas at the upper levels that offer views of the city are becoming popular,” John Echols, chairman/CEO at the Worthing Companies, Atlanta told Urbanland. They are located either atop the residential building itself or on the parking structure, and are usually accessible to all residents. This definitely increases the appeal of the property, which is why many of our clients have opted for this space.

For the young professional demographic, the rooftop deck amenity is appealing for several reasons. For one, while apartments are shrinking, common areas are expanding and developers are paying keen attention to making sure that these spaces are designed to meet the needs of tenants who want to gather socially or do work there, notes BDC Network.

Spectacular  Views Meet Hi-Tech Under the Skyline

Even without the magnificent views that are often part of the package, rooftop decks are the ideal outdoor space for tenants to entertain and socialize, especially for urban multi-family projects. The space can be outfitted with handy features such as a fire pit, barbecue grills, outdoor games, a pet area, as well as luxurious outdoor furniture for lounging and dining. Other trappings may also include comfy seating, sonic sound systems, big-screen TVs, pizza ovens, and even cabanas.

The good news for tenants is that developers are responding to a demand for common areas such as rooftop decks to be equipped with the technology needed to facilitate live-work interactions. In high-end properties, features like USB ports, dependable Wi-Fi, iCafes, and other web-access features are now common practice.

Rooftop decks are undoubtedly a desirable amenity for many prospective renters, whether it’s a condo or high-rise apartment complex. Developers are responding by equipping the space with durable furniture designed for outdoor use.  And, as today’s rooftop decks are being designed with their needs in mind, tenants get the best of both worlds – magnificent views of the city landscape, while staying connected with the technology they crave.