We’ve looked at outdoor spaces and 24-hour fitness centers, but there is another trend in multi-family amenities that has people talking in the design world: Outdoor theatres. Since people today want to take more of their activities outdoors, it makes sense for developers to give them the option of entertainment outside.

Much like an indoor theatre, the outdoor theatre features the latest in luxury entertainment, with the added bonus of bringing the convenience of a personal movie theatre to the outdoors. The design may be as simple as a poolside drop-down movie screen or an elaborate system with state of the art technology, plush seating and crisp surround sound emanating from hidden speakers within the landscape.

Outdoor Theatres are in High Demand

Outdoor theatres have taken over the old idea of theatre rooms in residential complexes, according to Multi-Family Executive magazine. Wealthy residents are attracted to luxury amenities such as outdoor theatres because it goes hand in hand with their lifestyle. People who spend a lot of time socializing and entertaining are keen to have their homes seen as the hottest venue in town for neighborhood soirees, garden parties, wine tastings or even a summer barbecue. Having access to an outdoor theatre allows these residents to host movie nights or viewings in an exciting and different setting.

While some renters might prefer to stream content online rather than own a TV, this option offers a nice alternative for many residents in an upscale complex. For them, a common outdoor space is simply not enough. Developers have to get creative with the strategies they will use to transform that space into an informal, social hot spot to lure in wealthy tenants.

Catalina Designs Outdoor Theatre

Avalon Glendora – Avalon Bay Communities – Glendora, CA

Perfect for the Social Butterfly

For the tenant who absolutely enjoys entertaining, an outdoor theatre offers an experience that brings the luxury of the indoors to the outdoors.

Andrew Basham, a principal of the real estate development company Sky Rock, explained to Inside Biz that residents have started wanting more for their rent than just an apartment.

“The demographic we see as our primary resident today is more interested in socializing and interaction with neighbors than perhaps we’ve seen historically,” Basham said.

Simply put, many of today’s residents are also social butterflies and are therefore not content with the mundane features like a backyard pool. They want bells and whistles, and everything that screams comfort and luxury in the place they call home. In this sense, the outdoor theatre is one design trend that fits the bill perfectly, facilitating highly social interactions, whether it is hosting a special movie night under the stars or an exclusive red carpet premier for family and friends.

All of this means that luxury multi-family amenities, such as the outdoor theatre, may be a trend for quite some time. With the opportunity it presents for guests to mingle and socialize on their own, having an outdoor theatre can free the host from having to plan an exhaustive list of activities. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that everyone gets to experience the type of luxury entertainment usually found indoors from the natural environment of the outdoors. Smart developers are definitely paying attention to including outdoor features that tenants can enjoy.

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