Hot Trends in Multi-Family Housing Amenities: Outdoor Spaces

As a leader in commercial design, Catalina Design keeps an eye on the trends in multi-family housing amenities to help our clients stay on top. We are divulging all our industry knowledge in this series, kicking off with one of the most popular amenities: outdoor spaces.

Embracing The Outdoors

Smart multi-family developers have stepped into the light by adding beautiful outdoor spaces to their building plans. Outdoor spaces, with features like fire pits and kitchens, are all the rage, especially as tenants embrace the desire to spend more time with nature and entertain family and friends under the skyline. With tastes ranging from simple comforts to high tech gadgets, the amenities in these outdoor spaces may range from weatherproof outdoor TVs and speakers, to programmable smart lights and awnings.

Avalon Dublin Station— Avalon Bay Communities— Dublin, CA

Avalon Dublin Station— Avalon Bay Communities— Dublin, CA

Outdoor spaces are a must-have for developers today, according to an article in Builder Online.

“We’re seeing tremendous enthusiasm for privatized outdoor space,” says Nick Lehnert, executive director of the research and development department KTGY Architecture + Planning. “Customers are looking for architecture that protects the space and offers privacy.”

Rubix Hollywood—Wood Partners— Hollywood, CA

Rubix Hollywood—Wood Partners— Hollywood, CA

And we couldn’t agree more. It’s all about giving people space to enjoy the outdoors while having fun with family and friends. Design features that give parties separate space to entertain, offering some level of privacy, are also high on our list when it comes to creating a functional outdoor space.

Helping Developers Attract Millennials

All this is good news for developers! There is every indication that the market for livable outdoor space will continue to grow. A recent 2015 Garden Trends Report published in Tech Homebuilder found 85 percent of Millennials rate outdoor rooms as “very important or important.”

Taking advantage of this trend could give developers a competitive edge, as the report also showed that 62 percent of Millennials spend more time outside than boomers. Millennials are also attracted to spaces that offer a community feel and allow them to socialize easily with neighbors in common areas.

Avalon Gelndora— Avalon Bay Communities— Glendora, CA

Avalon Gelndora— Avalon Bay Communities— Glendora, CA

Millennials feel that developments that provide outdoor spaces are cultivating a sense of community and giving them numerous opportunities to socialize. These building solutions offer a strong livability factor as Millennials seek out spaces with reliable bandwidth and Wi-Fi access to use technology they already own. As such, something as simple as the ability to program the TV using a mobile app will be appealing.

Outdoor Space Will Continue to be In Demand

As more young professionals move to the city, the demand for housing with multifunctional facilities will continue to rise. Outdoor space is the number one amenity for multi-family housing design plans. In this case, if you build it, they will surely come.

Next up in our trend articles: the 24-Hour Fitness Center. Stay tuned!

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